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Peerless Digital Marketing has been offering quality internet advertising and marketing services to businesses since 2013.

Our super power puts your offer in front of your ideal audience online.

Currently 90% of all transactions start online. When customers go online their activities can be categorized into three distinct areas. First, and most popular activity is to search for things online.  Secondly is to surf the web  – that is where customers visit sites, stream videos, play games and shop.  Thirdly is to socialize and subsequently comment or leave reviews for others to eventually see and comment on.

In order to engage with the modern customer we have had to put together a selection of solutions to promote your message at every step of the customer journey.


Acquire Customers When They Search Online

Search Engine Marketing

PPC (Pay-Per-Click) is a model of online advertising where advertisers pay a fee each time their ad is clicked. It allows businesses to buy visits to their website rather than relying solely on organic traffic. While Google Ads is the most well-known platform. But PPC is the model for Bing Ads, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter.  It is the fastest way to promote and deliver your message to highly interested and engaged customers. Moreover you can control everything about your message, what’s in it,  who sees it and when it shows. 

Business Listings & Citations

As a rule you should always take control of all your companies map locations, business listings, directories, and data aggregators. In truth, ensuring the quality and accuracy of your information will ultimately drive more organic traffic. Google uses all these signals when determining map rank.  Vis a vis our partner BrightLocal we claim and promote your business citations and boost your local SEO. 

Mobile Smartphone Ads

At this instant the smartphone is an essential element of the buying cycle. To be sure 60% of our client’s traffic is mobile. Mobile ads are a great way to reach local customers on over 9000 mobile sites and apps.  In fact, map and mobile only ad campaigns work very well at driving in store visits. 

Amazon Advertising

To clarify, Amazon ads are paid ads just like Adwords.  Peerless can create product copy,  listings and set up your Amazon ad campaign. We use Helium 10 data for keyword and headline research.


Reach Customers As They Surf & Socialize Online  

Display Advertising

Improvements in ad technology has made display advertising as effective as PPC in driving ROI.  Specifically, we have access to a full range of demographic information as well as 3rd party data segments, and when used together they laser target the right customers.  

IP Targeted Advertising 

Our solution can take a physical addresses and in effect target the corresponding IP address. Some call it the direct mail of digital.  Target up to 1000 addresses at a time and deliver custom media rich messages.  

Native Advertising 

A very underrated medium considering readers spend almost as much time on native ads (one second) as they do on editorial content (1.2 seconds).  Native ads have also been shown to increase brand lift by 82 percent while ads w rich media, have been documented with conversion rates upwards of 60 percent. 

Re -Targeting Banner Ads 

Serve ads to customers that visited your site but left with out buying or contacting you. Keep your brand top of mind with customers while they are in the buying cycle. Our agency supports a variety of technologies: Standard Re-Marketing, Dynamic Re-Marketing, Cross-Device Re-Targeting, Domain & Keyword Re-Targeting.

Streaming Radio Advertising

62% of Americans report that they listen to online radio weekly. Grow your brand and put your business on the top music and radio streaming platforms. We currently support Spotify, Pandora and iHeart radio.

YouTube and Video Ads 

The most popular video channel online is YouTube. More importantly YouTube compared to other video platforms has an extremely high engagement and conversion rate . YouTube boasts a very low average cost per view. 

Yelp Advertising 

Increase your businesses digital footprint with an enhanced listing page on Yelp.  As a result of being a Yelp Partner Agency, we can help manage your online presence as well as place pay per click ads on Yelps network. 

Get More Web Leads and Sell More. 


Live Chats Leads

Nothing works better than Live Chat at converting and qualifying leads.  Luckily the technology is very simple to implement on your site and is supported by a virtual team of specialists who are ready to engage with customers, twenty four hours a day.  Leads are emailed with transcripts to your team as soon as they occur.

Email Marketing Services

In 2022 email continues to be one of the simplest and most effective methods of marketing your business online. Revenue from email marketing is estimated to reach almost 11 billion by the end of 2023.  Statistics suggest 33% of marketers send weekly emails and 26% send emails multiple times per month, how many do you send? 

E-Commerce Solutions

Our agency is Google Merchant Certified and we provide google shopping services. These projects are typically advanced in nature. Please contact us for more information.

Enhanced Analytic Software

Capture all your visitor data. Our custom tracker will create user ids, capture not set keyword data, IP  and geo location data as well as tag every event on your site. More importantly, the data we gather allows for detailed lead tracking and opens up the ability to deliver even more relevant ads based on actual visit behavior.

Call Tracking

Listen to all your inbound calls with a Peerless call tracking number. Track on-line and offline advertising, finally determine how many phone calls your ads actually generated . Many of our clients use tracking numbers for digital ads, print ads, billboards, and tv ads. Call tracking numbers start as low as $9 a month.


Peerless provides professional, and functional wordpress website design for small to medium sized businesses, entrepreneurs, freelancers, and nonprofits. We have been working with WordPress since 2008. Attract customer attention, drive conversions, generate leads and increase sales with an update WordPress website. 


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