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Spotify Advertising

Advertising On Spotify Radio 

Spotify is a popular streaming audio and video service. It gives you access to stream millions of songs and other content from music artists all over the world.  Spotify has a healthy user base and boasts 43 million more subscribers than Apple music.  The average Spotify user spends 148 minutes listening, working, playing and dancing to Spotify every day.

Reach Customers with Spotify Ads

Your local audiences will hear your message while they are streaming content on Spotify. Spotify offers a free, ad-supported platform where users hear 15 or 30 second audio ads at naturally occurring breaks between songs during their listening session.

With a quick consultation we can match the targeting options to best reach your customers and deliver your message at the right time. We can create an audio ad for you, use your own audio, existing ads, or hire a voiceover actor for you.

You can also serve banner ads to users based on a variety of targeting options. 


Run Audio Ads, Display Ads, Video Ads
Advertise on Streaming Apps, Advertise on Podcasts, Target Sponsored Playlists – Daily Drive, Daily Mix, Etc.


Spotify Targeting Options

Target by age, gender, location, activity, and musical taste.
Serve ads on Mobile, Desktop or both.

Spotify Real Time Contextual Targeting.
Target specific moments. If you sell health related items you can target running play mixes.

Genre Targeting
Target based on genre of song

Interest Targeting
Based on podcast, playlist and streaming data

Spotify Advertising Specifics

$500 Min Campaign For Display
Avg cost per ad @.07

Audio File
Length 15 or 30 Seconds
Fille Type WAV MP3 OGG
Max Size 1mb
Audio Wave 15 bit 44.,1 kHz. MP3 at leas 192kbps RMS normalized to 14 dBFS Peak normalized to -.02 dBFS

Companion Image
640×640 px, JPG or PNG, Max Size 200kb




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