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Marketing Analytics

If you don’t measure it, how can you manage it? 

Using Marketing Analytics 

Our primary objective is to provide online advertising that not only works well but is easy to understand,  transparent, and gives actionable analytics reporting.  Peerless creates an environment for clients to be able to make great decisions.  We have the skills and ability to track the effectiveness of all your advertising online and offline.  We specialize in Google Analytics as well as the newly released Google Analytics 4.

Google Analytics Certified

An expert in all marketing analysis with 30 years of small business experience.  This combination has elevated the ability to interpret client engagement data and optimize it to generate positive return on investment (ROI). Optimizing positive website data and visitor behavior to generate leads while communicating it in ways my clients understand is my job. Data Is Just Data. The key to success is how you interpret & use it.

3rd Party Analytic Solutions

GA 4 is setting the new standard in measurement. However at times  it has limits for some clients. To combat this we added a custom analytics solution which captures much more detailed info than Google Analytics provides.  A simple custom script added to your site or a WordPress plug in, allows automatic creation of  profiles of all website visitors and their actions on your site, as well as uncovering all (not set) keyword data from the search engines.

Google Tag Manager

Peerless uses Tag Manager in conjunction wtih Google Analytics 4 to complete the web  tracking process. Tag manager is used to deploy marketing tags (snippets of code or tracking pixels) and triggers that fire when specific action occur on your website.

We Make It Easy

If you don’t have analytics set up it’s easy to do. It is common activity for us,  in a matter of minutes, we can have your Google Analytics set up and tracking all the important leads, events, sales or any custom goals you may be receiving already.  How to Set Up Google Analytics.

Actionable Reporting

Get full access to all your website information, and custom reports based on the information you want.  We have an online portal to access your reports. Marketing reports, Pay Per Click (PPC) Reports, SEO, Citation, and Social Reports.  

If You Can Measure It, You Can Manage It. 

By utilizing data from your website in conjunction with our campaigns; we can identify good engagement, and determine the path customers take to buy.  Optimizing usually begins manually and over time we may use fancy math called algorithms to optimize how much to spend on specific keywords.   As we gather data, we find and focus on all those parameters which caused leads and sales to happen.

Regular Touchpoints

Communicating with our clients is essential, getting and giving feedback is important to a good relationship. As our campaigns run we often encounter ways to improve flow with website and copy changes.  Typically client reviews are set monthly or quarterly basis.  


Analytics Services

Google Analytics 4
Tag Manager
Ranking Reports
SEO Reporting
Citation Reporting
PPC Reporting
Analytics Assessments
Analytics reports
Data Visualization Design Studio
Lead Attribution & Tracking
Sales Funnel Analysis
Marketing Audits
Analytics Error Tracking
Heat mapping & Funnel Analysis
Form Analysis
UA Goal Creation

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