The Direct Mail Of Digital 


Match Physical Address to IP addresses

Your business can target specific individuals, groups & locations via mobile ads. IP Targeting allows you to Direct Household Target and will be recognized as the “Direct Mail of Digital”.  For pennies on the dollar, you can improve your direct marketing efforts by adding an IP Targeting program. Let me be the first to say this technology is fantastic.

IP Targeting is a type of location-based ad that builds upon the traditional direct mail strategy and delivers a message in the form of banner or video ads on national com-score ranked websites and top online apps. Match any physical address to an IP address with a 95% accuracy rate.

We can take any physical mailing address and match it to an IP Address.

Target Individuals,  Groups, Locations,  Schools, Concerts, Theaters, Businesses, Competitors, Events. You can target specific individuals, groups, and locations via digital banner and mobile display advertising. We can do this by taking a physical mailing address and matching to an individual IP address (household, apartment, hotel, convention center, or public office or building IP address). From there we deliver a variety of banner and display ads to the sites and apps the targeted customer visits on the internet.

Peerless Digital Marketing is your location-based marketing expert. Our IP Targeting Technology technology provides a turn-key solution for local advertisers to target audiences of all sizes and in any area. We offer advertisers the leading location technology, premium inventory and RTB (real-time bidding) Supply.



Targeting Lists.

We utilize extensive experience, research, and data scraping to find and compile new customer lists. With access to over 25 million business and 245 million customer data points, we can develop some unique ways to target your customers.

Here are some examples of address lists we were able to create and target for our IP targeting programs. 

Food manufacturing companies with more than 100 employees, located in  Ca, with 1mil + in sales. We targeted over 2000   CEO’s &  Executives, at their work and home addresses. 

Targeting DMV locations and auto dealers with Spanish Insurance ads. We targeted all 172 DMV offices and 1300 car dealerships in the state of California for an insurance provider, with success.

We have also provided real estate clients addresses of renters in homes and multi-family units, in specific zip codes. 

A point of sale client (pos)  needed to target fast-food franchises that did between 1 -3 mil in sales. We provided a list of 3,000 addresses.

Most recently we ran a list of medical marijuana dispensaries and promoted grow products to people within 100m proximity on mobile devices.

Another list that worked very well was for a concrete refinisher targeting homeowners with pools, who make over 100K+.  We compiled a list of 1000 potential customers in 2 zip codes and targeted their homes successfully.

Our most ambitious list was compiling addresses for every bar in America that has dart tournaments. 

Everything we do in this space is custom. Whatever your need, give us a call, chances are we can help you reach the right customer.  


IP Targeting Examples: Advertising concerts or events to students on a college campus, or targeting Starbucks Wi-Fi cafes and offering customers “in-store” discounts on a bag of coffee beans.