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Event Based Tracking

Google Analytics 4

Google Analytics 4 is an attempt to simplify the analytics process.   Google Analytics 4  (GA4) is essentially the combination of firebase and google universal analytics into one property.  Cross platform analysis is much easier in GA4 than jumping between reporting systems.

GA4 incorporates User ID natively across all reporting and insights. Moving away from isolated session based reporting, GA4 attempts to provide a more comprehensive view by minimizing duplicate session data created by multiple user visits. The biggest change is instead of Page-Views the new google analytics 4 uses Events.

GA4  treats all action tracked as an individual event.  Categories of events in Google analytics 4 are automatically collected. Rather than event category, action and value there are 25 user properties that can be passed automatically with every event . Track across platforms with minimum hassle.

Simplifying the Cross Platform

  1. Mobile app analytics has become more important for many businesses.
  2. Tracking both web and mobile app behavior has become complicated.
  3. Mobile app analytics traditionally are stand alone from websites.
  4. Tracking actions on websites has become more complex.

Automatically Collected Events 

New enhanced measurement feature allows you to track actions on your website with just one click and with out any conversion code. Enhanced measurement will track page views scrolls outbound clicks site searches video engagement and downloads. You can track these things with out setting up google tag manager.

If you have apps Google Analytics 4 will automatically collect a list of events for both IOS and Android, with no additional code needed. Just as easy to implement as google analytics and universal analytics. Yes you can run both Universal Analytics and Google Analytics4 side by side.

We recommend setting up GA4 measurement to gain a better understanding of users across your website and app experiences and for the new reporting experience, however should you keep any existing Universal Analytics Web Property active it wont be a problem.   New reports may take some to get used to the changes. Universal Analytics is not going away anytime soon, but google analytics 4 will be the future.

Upgrading Google Analytics 


GA4 property only collects data going forward. It does not backfill historical data. Upgrade your existing Universal analytics to a google analytics , your historical data will still be in your universal analytics property.  Upgrading your acount simply uses your exisiting UA to tie it together. No coding is required. 

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