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Internet Radio Ads

Sacramento Internet Radio Advertising

Internet radio ads have high engagement & recall rates because audio is a primary way humans connnect.  The first thing humans do after we are born, before we can even see, is we listen.  Studies show that audiences have a much more physical and emotional reaction to audio advertisements than video.

Accordingly, Americans like music, news and entertainment. Consumers today stream from anywhere at all times of the day. Peerless can put your audio or visual message in front of thousands of potential customers listening on these platforms.

Unlike newspapers, radio has managed to adapt to the changes brought about by the digitization of just about everything. The consumer in 2020 demands access to content, on any device, at any time. This has changed the experience to be much more mobile and personal at the same time.


60% of Americans Stream 

Online Radio is now so common, its present everywhere, anywhere, anytime. You can stream on a box with a fox in a house with a mouse. The variety of access is amazing. Stream while at the gym or in a car going over the mountains. It leaves with you when you leave the house.  You can reach these customers with an internet radio advertising strategy.

It is very sticky,  with the average user spending over 16 hours per week streaming.  Over two-thirds of Americans report that they listen to online radio on a monthly basis, while 62 percent consider themselves at least weekly users. The digital audio market is also the least cluttered spaces in online advertising, take advantage and reap the rewards. Moreover, Internet Radio is highly relevant, targeted, and measurable.

Peerless has an extensive set of tools and relationships to help grow your business through online digital radio/audio. We currently support Pandora, Spotify, Sirius XM And iHeart Radio ads.

Reach of Internet Radio Advertising Increasing

  •  Podcasts have grown to 50% of Americans in 2019.
  •  Research says consumers have more trust in brands that podcast
  •  Americans who listen to online audio has doubled since 2012.
  •  70% of all Americans listen to digital audio.
  •  41 % of Americans listened to online radio in a car
  • Streaming Surpasses Radio as the Top Way to Listen to Music

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Top Online Streaming Internet Radio Brands

30% Pandora
24% Spotify
13% iHeart
12% Apple
12% Amazon
11% Soundcloud


Media Buying for Local & Regional Radio Advertising

We can handle direct buys, or purchase remnant inventory.  With access to a media buying auction we can bid on multiple stations that fit your client. We can target the following station formats

Classic Rock & AOR
Country, Classic Country, Americana
Adult Hits & JACK
News Talk & Sports Talk
AC Hot & AC Soft
Hi-Hop & B/U
R&B & Blues
CHR, CHR Dance, CHR Gold
Gospel & Religious
Classical & Nostalgia
Hispanic & SPAN (numerous formats)


Budget, Reach & Frequency.

To penetrate a market properly you must air on multiple stations or big stations ( Reach)  and make sure that your ad is heard (frequency)

Money is generally limited so businesses have to make a trade off between how many people hear their ad and how many times its played to those same people. 

If not enough customers hear your ad it wont work. If your ad is not heard by someone enough times they wont remember it. Radio advertising frequency is about reaching the right customers consistently.

Frequency of Three

Your customer needs to hear your message three times to build recognition.  For the best chance to achieve the frequency of three you should be serving your ad way more often than you think.  To actually get your audience to hear your ad that many times you should plan on three , maybe even four ads a day, seven days a week.  So at minimum 21 ads a week; 52 weeks a year.                

Budget Ranges For Effective Radio Ads. 

Small Market is $ 2000 – $18,000

Mid Market  $5000 –  $22,000

Large Market  $9000 – $45,000               


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