Hyperlocal Mobile Targeting 

With 65% of Americans owning smartphones and 45% owning tablets, access to your clients is more important than ever. Peerless can provide hyper-accurate, IP Targeting  Geo Fencing, and Geo Re-Targeting advertising campaigns.  Our mobile location based advertising solutions enable you to deepen your engagement with mobile consumers and serve the right ad to the right person at the right time and place. Hyperlocal targeting leverages actual GPS location history and opt-in location data to target specific mobile users. 

Traditionally, location-based geographic targeting utilized only IP addresses for targeting. Ad publishers took  IP addresses and simply mapped them to approximate physical locations, generally available in radius or segmented market maps. This targeting is still widely used.  Times have changed what was effective ten years ago for targeting users on a local connection (i.e. home wi-fi), completely fails for mobile today. Due to the way IP addresses are assigned to wireless networks, IP targting accuracy on mobile devices is very inaccurate. If you have ever seen your geolocation report sometimes you may see visits from outside your area.. these are most like .  GPS coordinates, however, are provided in real time by the user’s device and are highly accurate.

It’s a win-win: consumers see ads that are relevant and more engaging and advertisers can reach their true target audience to drive uplift in store traffic.



How Does This Work?

Hyperlocal targeting is made possible through real-time location data on smartphones and other GPS-enabled devices.

At the moment an ad is about to be served to a mobile device the latitude and longitude of that device can be retrieved and used to decide what ad and how much to bid, all in a nanosecond.

Traditional IP geo-targeting can identify a city, ZIP or area code, while hyperlocal targeting makes it possible to identify the location of a user within a few feet.

Premium Apps

Our access to premium app inventory includes over 9000 popular apps and app bundles such as Pandora, Spotify, Gmail, Google Play, ESPN, CBS Sports, Waze, MapQuest, TomTom, Tumblr, Reddit, Accuweather, Angry Birds, and more to maximize impressions.

Never miss an opportunity.

In addition to using GPS data instead of IP, we also rely on unique device IDs for tracking, since cookies don’t work well on mobile devices.



Mobile Search  

Mobile Search-Based Advertising thru Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yelp, or Amazon. Cost per click varies depending on the industry. Call for a quote.

Mobile Site-Specific   

Mobile display ads on mobile websites.  Target local customers on national sites.  $8-40 cpm 

Hyper-Local Retargeting  

Deliver ads to consumers the have frequented specific locations. Real world targeting based on physical behaviorMinimum Spend $1500 

Mobile App Targeting 

Target users on over 9000 apps.  $8-30 cpm

IP Targeting 

We can take any physical mailing address and match it to an individual household, hotel, convention center, Bus Station, Fire Station or office building’s IP address.