Create Your Own Radio Ads

Creating Internet Radio Ads

Make your own audio ads can be fun. The are fairly easy and straight forward, to create. We have compiled s some tips to consider when making your script and ad.

Listeners hearing your audio ad will generally be multi tasking so make your ad stand out. You only have 30 seconds or less to be crystal clear. Keep your message simple, stay on one important point and hammer it home. Cut the bull, don’t beat around the bush, get to the proposition as early as possible. Always lead with the most important information. Cut to the chase and use the extra time to reinforce your message. Even if you feel like your repeating your self, humans are more likely to retain your message if they hear it more than once. Use a slow conversational voice; no need to shout, you have targeted these listeners. Be friendly, honest and speak clearly and slowly ( 2.5 words per second). That’s it.


Audio Ad Best Practices

1. The length of your ad should be exactly the length required. 10, 15, 30 seconds long.
2. Your audio should be in either WAV or MP3 file format.
3. Begin by fading in your background music (typically 2-3 seconds into the ad).
4. Start with roughly 15 seconds of music and, if it makes sense, use the lead verse or chorus of the song.
5. Add your Voice Over around the 15 second mark. Max length 10 seconds long.
6. Lower the volume level of the background music, loud music is distracting.
7. When writing the script for the Voice Over, include a call-to-action.
8. After the Voice over, bring the music back up for a second or two then fade out.


Don’t Forget to speak slowly and……

* Remember to state your call to action ,offer or promotion clearly.
* Targeting is different than terrestrial radio, conversational tones work well on Internet Radio.
* Avoid using too many voices. Multiple voices in the audio ad can confuse the listener.
* Avoid using sound effects. Keep the listener focused on your music and what you’re trying to sell.
* Preview your audio ad before submitting. 
* Keep it simple, less is more.
* Avoid pauses in the beginning. Ads are inserted between songs, pauses give the impression its broke.


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