Content is Mandatory

This is not a single post or single ad or a one and done proposition. Content marketing takes time to build pressure 

– The most successful shout from every rooftop as frequently as possible.

– Major time commitment in advance, during and post campaign.

– Success relies on consistent creation, curation, promotion, response and re-promotion of your

content by others.

  1. Create social pages & any websites. . Facebook Page, LinkedIn Page etc, separate WordPress

blog, customize the crowdfunding page. link them all together….

  1. Create Content- such as Articles by you, Blog Post, Social Comment, New Likes, Press Releases, News Coverage Etc.

Create Videos- ( YouTube, Vimeo) , Create White-papers & Infographics, Create Content for social posts.

  1. Reach Out to Those That Know You First

Email Lists- (Need to Be as Customized/ Segmented as possible )Newsletters are a bit of a different animal than websites in terms of traffic and conversions because they are comprised of readers who have opted in to receive messages from the publication. In my experience, email advertisements and advertorials typically experience higher conversion rates.

Clients- possible support

Prospects- possible support

Social Followers- Blog Post, Social Comments, Likes, Pledges

Media Contacts – For Press Release, News Article, Blog post

PR Contacts – For Press Releases, News Article, Blog Post

Blog Community- Promotion thru review, or commentary, Reach out to them directly for promotion, you may have to pay them.

  1. Free Promotions

Blog: and participate on other forums in the crowdfunding universe.

Posts: Facebook Posts, linkedin posts, twitter posts, blog post to your blog page that links back to your crowdfunding page. Post videos to you tube, vimeo..

5 . Paid Promotions

Paid PR : , ,,

Cost: N/A

6. Social Ads :  Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram etc.

Cost: CPM $.25- $30 like a pay per click ad CPC $.75-$20.00 

Facebook Sponsored Stories- Feature particular, prominent posts within your crowdfunding journey.

Cost: $ .25- 3.00 per engagement

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