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Ad Quality

The higher the quality the less you pay and the better your position.

Google Ad Quality

Ad quality is one of the most important google ad words concepts.

When we implement campaigns we first enact a site wide audit.  This audit uncovers a variety of opportunities when it comes to googles ad  rank and the keywords that are important to your business.  We provide recommendations for improving site content, flow and other elements that impact ad quality. These recommendations are typically specific additions of keywords, contact information, splitting content onto new pages,  upgraded headlines, calls to action and offers that are being promoted. All of these items when in harmony with your ad program improve ad quality.

Googles entire Search business is built on trust. You go there to get the best answers. If the results were bad you would go elsewhere.  Google wants users of its search product to have a good experience so emphasis has been given to promote quality ads.  Those advertisers with the best ad quality get an advantage in the auction.

Three factors determine the quality of an ad.

Future CTR  ( click thru rate)

Google will benefit those that have higher expected CTR over those that dont.  One was to make sure the words in your ad are relevant to the search term.  The keyword should be in the ad and in the ad group.

Landing Page Experience

Users want websites to help them find what they are looking for.  A highly relevant page should be easily navigable, should be organized, have an image and contain unique content the helps the user complete their task. The site should be transparent in the nature of its business and be forthright in how it uses personal information.

Ad Relevance

This measures how well the messaging in your advertisement relates to your keywords.

Small Keyword Ad Groups

At one time SKAG’s were short for Single Keyword ad groups. Google has changed over time. With new language enhancements to the AI has eliminated the need to list every exact match iteration or variation as its own ad group. Today we still have SKAGS but they are  Small keyword ad groups  Small  ad groups give you control over keywords,  promotions and ad messaging.

Great Ad Relevance

Partnering with a firm like Peerless is a simply a smart Idea.  Our practical understanding of google advertising will result in higher ad relevance which result in a higher quality score and ultimately a lower cost per click and better ad position.