Google Analytics Data Limits and Specifications. Google analytics is software. Software has maximum data limits. Understanding these parameters ensures best user experiences.

Table Aggregation50,000The number of rows in a table before aggregationOnce reached further data rows are aggregated into a single entry labeled “other”
Custom Variables5a single custom variable can have multiple values. Three scopes page visit visitor
Hits Per Session500Includes pageviews events, transactions- any time _utm.gif is sent Any hits over are ignored
Events Per SessionRate LimitToken bucket algorithmData transmission in packets –hits that are replenished at a rate of hits per second
E- Commerce transactions per day50,000Same as Table Aggregation Limit
Unique Dimension Combos1,000,000 Over this threshold and the report data is sampled.
Sessions for non pre-calculated reports500,000 Over this threshold and the report data is sampled.
Goals per Profile20Four Goal Sets each containing up to 5 goals.
Funnel Steps PerGoal10
Max profile hits per day1,000,000Over Max data is processed only once per day at 12 am
Max profiles per account50
Max Number Advanced Segments100
Max Number Characters Define Profile Filter256
Data Export Limit20,000You can manually export 20K rows at a time.
Max Visits Per Month10,000,000Over the limit and you will need to upgrade to Analytics 360