Consumers Stream Anywhere, Anytime.

Online Radio Advertising

60% of Americans Stream Online Radio Weekly.

Accordingly Americans like their music, news and entertainment. today they just use their phones to 5G stream it instead of picking it up over the airwaves. The first thing we do as a baby is to listen, all thru our lives, audio is a primary way to connect.

Radio has managed to adapt to the changes brought about by the digitization of just about everything. The consumer in 2020 demands access to content, on any device, at any time. This has changed the experience to be much more mobile and personal at the same time.


Increased integration of internet and bluetooth devices in homes is boosting usage.

Internet Radio is now so common and omnipresent, Its present everywhere, anywhere, anytime, in anything. You can stream on a box with a fox in a house with a mouse. The variety of access is amazing. Stream while at the gym or in a car going over thru the mountains. It leaves with you when you leave the house.

Online radio platforms now account for over 500 million dollars’ worth of streaming music revenue and the format continues to grow. The digital audio market is also the least cluttered spaces in online advertising. Advertisers in the space are taking advantage and reaping the rewards. Additionally Online Radio is highly relevant, targeted, measurable. Digital Radio and should be a component of your marketing mix.

Peerless has an extensive set of tools and relationships to help grow your business through online digital radio/audio. We currently support Pandora, Spotify , Sirius XM And iHeart Radio ads.


Online radio has reached a new high in weekly time spent listening stats

  •  Podcasts have shown explosive growth with 50% of Americans Listening in 2019.
  •  Research says Consumers have more trust in brands that podcast
  •  Americans who listen to online audio has doubled since 2012.
  •  70% of all Americans listen to digital audio.
  •  41 % of Americans listened to online radio in a car
  •  Listening to online audio is at an all time high 17hrs per week
  •  Studies show in car access leads to significant behavior change.

Top Online Audio Brands and estimated listener share.

30% Pandora
24% Spotify
13% iHeart
12% Apple
12% Amazon
11% Soundcloud




Engage in ways customers prefer & you will create loyalty