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Inbound Call Recording

Call Tracking and Call Recording. Track all inbound calls. 

Smartphone use has skyrocketed. Over 65% of Americans own a smartphone in 2018. Inbound calls have become an important outcome of digital advertising. Our call analytics informs which ads, campaigns, and channels are generating inbound calls and which are not. Phone call recording and tracking allowing you to gain valuable insights to transform your campaign performance. 

Call Tracking & Call Recording technology gives you the tools to accurately attribute phone calls to the channel, advertisement and even keyword or visit. Track all your forms of advertising with certainty. 

Easy Website Implementation

We utilize a technology called reverse proxy to display the tracking numbers on your campaigns. We don’t need a webmaster to do this. We also have a javascript implementation that does involve your webmaster. We got you covered.

Make good decisions

With feedback, we get full campaign attribution with every phone calls.  Call Analytics is tracked between the click and the phone call with Dynamic Tracking, allowing you to efficiently and accurately track every call from mobile and online advertising – so you can understand the path to conversion from search keywords to phone calls.  insights from analytics and reporting, provide the toolsets and data needed to understand advertising performance.

Highest paid search efficiency

Call – Search Analytics is a solution that tracks and measures which keywords drive conversions from customers who call directly from call extensions on your paid search ads. Additionally, our solution also provides conversational analytics to help you understand what happens on the call. Get all this powerful data at your fingertips to help you fully optimize your search campaigns to instantly improve your ROI and your overall campaign performance.

Works with Offline Media Too. 



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