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Build Brand Awareness & Engagement


Behavioral Display Advertising 

Brand online to reach customers where they spend most of their time. There are lots of options to reach buying customers online.

Online Display advertising is controllable and measurable. Utilizing a demand-side platform (DSP) allows Peerless to use advanced targeting techniques, to put your message in front of local consumers surfing the most popular and relevant websites. That means more consumers will remember you when they are ready to buy. 

We can run individually planned flights or recurring ad programs. CPM and CPC  ranges go from low $1 up to $50 depending upon a targeted you want to get.  Our display ads come with full optimization, tracking, and extensive reporting.

We have seen clients get a lift of up to 20%  when used in a more comprehensive online strategy with search marketing.


Reach The Right Customer Every Time

There are many targeting techniques to display your banner ad to consumers who have shown an interest in topics, products, and services relevant to your business.  Based on a quick assessment, we can begin to create a program. We utilize all the targeting types below.

Audience targeting:  Third Party Audience targeting allows advertisers to only target specific users who match a set of characteristics or interests. For example, advertisers can choose to have their ads served only to users who match chosen segments such as “Interest:: Home Improvement: Green Products ” or “In-Market:: Real Estate: Commercial Properties“.  We can find the viable customers in consideration and put your ads on sites they visit. 

Contextual targeting Contextual targeting allows advertisers to only place their ads on pages that meet their topical criteria. For example, advertisers can choose to have their ads served only on pages that match chosen topical categories such as “Home & Garden:: Home Improvement” or “Medical Health:: Cosmetic Medical Services. 

Our ability to offer programmatic display buying gives you the ability to create your own custom packages and to target the demo your after, in the exact market your serve. No more excessive DMA programs or those where you don’t know where your ad shows. Here are some programs we have put together for past clients.

News Behavioral, Home Improvement, Affluent 100K+, Entertainment, Baby-Boom Behavioral, B2B Business , Social (Linked-In & Facebook), Automotive, Hispanic Shoppers, New home buyers, New to the area,  Parents, Mobile, Health & Beauty, Pets, Travel,  High Value Shopping Behavior, Good Credit Customers, and many more.  Let us know who you’re trying to reach and we can put together some recommendations.



This display solution is powered by two distinct targeting methods that identify Intent and Consideration.

Intent- Commonly known as Re-Marketing, or Site Re-Targeting.  Using cookies and pixels we can mark customers that have visited your website ( intent)  and serve your message to them on websites they visit after they have left your site.

Consideration-  Commonly known as keyword re-targeting. Utilizing 3rd party  IP data we can identify customers that have been searching and surfing for information related to your business and deliver your ads to them on the website they visit…  IE if you were selling Jelly you could find people that had been looking at Peanut Butter, or Toast  and target them by their IP addresses

The Peerless Difference



Trafficking & Programmatic Abilities


  • Alternate Web Placements.
  • Managed Placements
  • Demand Side Platform
  • Endemic Targeting – Topic centric websites
  • Target Based on Interest & topic
  • Contextual Targeting of Content
  • Behavioral Targeting based on visit history
  • 1st Party Data Re-Marketing 
  • 3rd Party Data Providers.
  • Geographic targeting- City to DMA
  • Above fold placements Only 
  • Zero non-viewable impressions ever
  • Ad Mapping Multi Geo Ad Rotation *
  • 9 available ad sizes
  • Comm Score placements.



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