Data is just data.

The key is how we interpret and use it.

Google Analytics, Reporting and Advertising Audits


 Peerless Digital Marketing is a Google Analytics Certified Agency.  

When I opened PDM the biggest tenant was to provide online advertising that worked. I wanted to provide easy to understand, completely transparent, and the most actionable reporting for my clients.   Based on a decade of industry experience, I found many operators gave vague, inaccurate, and insufficient reporting. Let alone any real guidance on what best to do for the business. I wanted to provide an environment for my client to be able to make great decisions. When used properly we can track the effectiveness of all your advertising. 

Google Analytics Certified

I am an expert in Google Analytics and with 30 years of small business experience, which started in the 5th grade working in the family Coast to Coast hardware store.  This combination over time has elevated my ability to interpret client engagement data and optimize it to generate positive ROI.   Optimizing positive website data and visitor behavior allows us to find the sweet spot that generates leads. Making sense of this and communicating them in ways my clients understand is my job.  

3rd Party Analytic Solution

Google analytics is free and with most free things you get what you get.GA is not perfect and sometimes doesnt give enough info to be helpful. To deal with this we have custom tracking that allows us to capture much more detailed info than Google allows. With a simple custom script added to your site or a wordpress plug in, we can begin to collect and create detailed customer profiles of all website visitors, getting as much identifiable information and all their actions on the site as well as uncovering all (not set) keyword data from the search engines.

We Make it Easy

If you don’t have any analytics set up it’s easy we can do it. So many times we see that there is no connection between clients websites, campaigns, tracking or SEO In a matter of minutes, we can have your Google Analytics set up and tracking all the important leads, events, sales or any custom goals. 

Actionable Reporting

We will provide full access to all your information, and custom reports based on the information you want when you want. There is nothing we won’t share.  We have an online portal to access your reports. Analytics reports, PPC Reports, SEO, Citation, and Review Reports. 

If You Measure It, You Can Manage It. 

By utilizing data from your website in conjunction with our campaigns; we can identify good engagement, and determine the path customers take to buy.  Optimizing usually begins manually and over time we may use fancy math called algorithms to optimize bid adjustments.   As we gather data we find and focus on all those parameters above which caused leads to happen.

Regular Touchpoints

Communicating with our clients is very important, getting and giving feedback is important. As our campaigns run we often encounter ways to improve flow with the website and copy changes, in conjunction with the campaign.  Typically client reviews are set monthly or quarterly basis. Let us know your preferences and we can accommodate it.  



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