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Search Engine Results Page

What is the SERP Search Engine Results Page?

The search engine results page or SERP is the page you see after completing a query on a search engine.  Below is an image of what you would typically see after doing a search.  To illustrate we performed a search on Google for [hvac company atlanta].  

One of the most important pieces of information in the SERP usually gets missed.  In regular font, displayed at the top of the page is the search population size.  Based on your search query, the results number indicates how many pages are indexed and are vying to show up for the term you typed.  In the example below you will find it right under the search bar . It says “about 17,000,000 results”, which  indicates there were 17 million pages related to our search [hvac company atlanta].  In fact this number will re-populate every time you perform a search and is a great indicator for how competitive terms may be.

Breaking Down The SERP


1.  Green – Paid Listings

Pay-per-click ( PPC ) ads are at the top and the right hand side of the page. You control what you say and when you say it and who you say it too. In addition you only pay only when the ad is clicked.



2. Yellow – Map Listings

Map listing section has several variation but typically sits in the middle. In the long run relevant businesses show based on the location of the search and the quality and quantity of your citations. Complete profiles with active reviews and citations enhance discoverability.



 3. Blue – Organic Listings

Organic listings begin in the blue area. Google determines which sites show above the fold based on their page rank algorithm. Most SERPS will highlight ten organic spots on the first page.

Businesses compete against each other and other publishers to appear in search results. In truth page rank algorithm determines who has the most authority and relevancy. Optimizing content and webpages to rank higher is called Search engine optimization (SEO).





SERP Breakdown

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