Our campaigns data shows that YouTube boosts return on ad spend.


A Billion Hours of YouTube Programming is watched daily. 

Chances are likely your customers watch YouTube every day.  

Improve consideration, favorability and purchase intent with YouTube.

YouTube is Affordable, Targeted, Super Cost Effective and You only pay when they watch.

YouTube is where the party’s at. 

  • YouTube advertising costs a fraction of traditional TV advertising. 
  • In an average month, more 18+ spend more time watching youtube than any television network
  • 18-49 watch youtube on mobile more than the top ten shows on tv
  • Small business advertising on YouTube has doubled since 2016
  • Viewers give attention to video ads 1.8x more on Youtube than on social media
  • in 2017 every day people watch up to a billion hours of programming on youtube.
  • A billion hours of programming would take one person over 100,000 years to watch.


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Target your customer

Choose your client’s audience based on location, age, interests, topic, afffinity group, and more.  You can easily reach anyone, like parents in your town or home owners in any city.

Target just the people that would be interested in what you have to offer and its like pay per click, you only pay for engagement. Can you say the same for TV? 

If they don’t watch your ad. You don’t pay 

You only pay when someone watches at least 30 seconds of your true view ad. Those that watch will have higher consideration, higher favorably and higher purchase intent.  Compared to TV the average return on youtube ad spend was as high as 8.5 times higher than television.

If you own videos already on your YouTube Channel its snap promote them.

Adding YouTube video ads to your media mix can help them see a 2X to 8.5X better return on ad spend.1 And with YouTube’s built-in analytics,  feed directly into our reporting it’s easy to see how their video ads perform.