Guaranteed Leads as low as $10. 

Today smart technology has created an on demand environment  where customers engage when and where they want.Peerless has live chat technology that takes advantage of this shift in consumer behavior.  Whether is to save time or to reduce sales efforts ; there is a growing trend of  consumers that find it more convenient to chat rather than speaking to a customer service person. Chat is quickly emerging as a preferred engagement channel,  generating higher levels of customer satisfaction and loyalty and can be tracked completely.

Whatever the time of day, we offer convenient and immediate access to Real Time Online Conversations to engage your customers and instantly respond to their queries with personalized assistance. Using Live Chat technology, we provide your website visitors with a  conversation platform where they can speak ( type) with our our live chat agents to get instant help right on your website even when your store or business is closed.

Our skilled live chat customer care and sales specialists are always available to meet and greet your customers. Unfortunately website visitors don’t  always leave their contact information. A database  with relevant information about  your website engagements can be invaluable in driving sales.  Convincing customers  to share their personal information and contact details can be a challenge. However once engaged, our live chat lead generation specialists accomplish the task proficiently.

When called upon by your visitors they engage in a live personalized chat, answering any questions and capturing their information. You pay only for guaranteed leads, when we capture name , address and contact info, greatly reducing the cost of acquiring  qualified leads. 

Improve Client Experience & Make More Money

You get the leads in real time. Allowing  you and your staff to follow up with with a commitment survey to further, qualify and segment your inbound leads for further marketing with email marketing, creating a pipeline of business.


  • Live Chat is Convenient for Customers & Builds Credibility 
  • Turn Key Service = Major Cost Savings; Easy Implementation
  • Pay Only For Actual Sales Leads
  • Gives Immediate Feedback and Tracking
  • Live Chat Increases Conversions and Sales
  • Deep Industry Experience Custom Scripting by Vertical




How It Works?

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Contact us at 916-450-1335 or , select the plan that best suits your needs.


We will go through your website and consult with you to create custom responses and customize the chat widget for your website and business.

Add code snippets to your website

We will provide you with a code snippet that you will need to add to the web pages. This typically takes a few minutes.

Start getting leads

Once setup is complete we will start monitoring your website and start sending you leads in real time via email, text message and/or phone.